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Play A Way Nursery

& Preschool

Breakfast Menu

  • A wide range of cereals
  • Choice of various fruits
  • Range of carbohydrates - toast, crumpets, pancakes.
  • Water and Milk to drink.

Breakfast Menu

Children currently bring a packed lunch. However all parents are encouraged to pack a healthy balanced lunch for their child and we offer help and ideas of what to pack.

Tea Menu

A two weekly rota includes snack teas for our after school club

  • Chicken Curry and rice
  • Jacket potato with filling
  • Sausage, Mashed potatoes, Vegetables
  • Pasta
  • Pizza
  • Fish Fingers, Wedges, Vegetables
  • New!!!!
  • Following our Eat Better Start Better Training We have changed our Menu!!
  • In addition we now offer;
  • Roast Chicken, potatoes, veg, yorshire puddings and gravy
  • Fishcakes, peas, mash
  • Pasta in tomato sauce, topped with cheese and garlic bread

Allergens are listed at each setting.

Healthy Eating Habits

for Life Long Health

At Play A Way all nursery staff aim to develop children's understanding of healthy practices and try to include them in preparing their own meals. When children help to prepare or cook their own meals they are more likely to enjoy eating a larger range of foods. We encourage children to self-serve their own breakfast and teas and our youngest to our oldest children gain excellent skills in being independent. Our babies and toddlers love to feel valued and competent with opportunities like dishing up their cereals, pouring their own drinks and buttering their own toast.

We follow guidelines from the Children's Food Trust when providing food and drinks for our children.

At Play A Way we provide a wide range of fruits, vegetables and carbohydrates for snack times along with milk and water. Fresh drinking water is available at all times.

Developing Children's Understanding of Healthy Lifestyles

We weave the many ways of having a healthy lifestyle into our curriculum and routines. We include children in our food preparations for snacks and meals and during meal times we talk to the children about our foods, drinks and healthy foods. We only serve healthy foods on a daily basis. We have a routine which enables children to be independent and we teach our children about making healthy choices within their foods, hygiene practices and also by the physical actvities we provide. We do not stop children from having a sleep time if they need it. Each room has an area where children can rest and recharge if needed. Physical activities children are encouraged to take part in are a balance of developing gross motor and fine motor skills. We do yoga, dancing, moving in a variety of ways in our garden, using bikes/trikes and children challenge themselves through obstacle courses and open ended resources. We have an outdoor apparatus for climbing stairs and sliding.

All children bring their own healthy packed lunch - we can give you ideas and support on giving your child a healthy packed lunch.